The name game (or are more than shrimp mislabeled?)

February 20, 2013

Dear Walter Schoepf Schopf and now Schoetf,


Walter Schoetf Owner

Walter Schoepf President

Could it be:

  • Misspelling?
  • Distance between yourself and your criminal history?
  • Mistaken Identity?
  • More mislabeling (including but not limited to purposely altering a name)?

Feel free to clarify (before you allegedly log in to change it, of course).


Felon-free Masonry




  1. I think the author of this site needs to reevaluate the 4 cardinal virtues, the landmarks, tenets and his obligation as this site is unmasonic in it’s purest form. Consider this “good council”.

  2. Thank you for good counsel and for visiting Felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com. Should you desire more information on the unmasonic, kindly refer to A) Walter Schoepf’s federal criminal record coupled with the fact that his actions, specifically post conviction, directly violate the rules and regulations set forth in the Masonic digest of Florida; and B) the nonmasonic history of thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster’s fraudulent foray into Freemasonry.

    Regarding the four cardinal virtues, perhaps all should remember the ten commandments which, among other things, frown upon stealing (are monies earned from the sale of mislabeled shrimp ill-gotten gains?), lying (including Schoepf’s purposeful mislabeling, to which he pleaded guilty, and felon Foster’s failure to disclose a lengthy criminal history when petitioning for membership coupled with his denial of it a decade later), and adultery (Felon-free Masonry is bustin’ at the seams on this one).

    Again, thanks for visiting Felon-free Masonry and please register for instant email notifications.


    Felon-free Masonry

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