Dormant, not dead; like 31 years dormant.

September 14, 2014

Dear Freemasons and friends,

Word has it that certain circles are supposedly seeking support for thrice convicted violent felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster’s attempts to restore his civil rights and regain Masonic good graces.  However, one wonders, are the alleged supporters aware that Foster isn’t eligible for restoration of civil rights?

As repeatedly addressed within this blog, Felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster’s convictions for aggravated battery and aggravated assault, counts 12 and 18 on the violent crimes list and both of which he was convicted of on February 3, 1983,  preclude restoration of civil rights.


Further, by entering the below information in the accompanying link (provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement), you will see that Foster-after 31 years-still lacks civil rights:

Name:  James Anderson Foster

Date of Birth:  12/17/1960

Florida Department of Corrections Identification Number:  0144204


Many have heard of an alleged movement, supposedly spearheaded by Foster, to flood the Clemency Board with letters and signatures supporting his pursuit of civil rights.  This, by design, is merely an attempt to feather the Masonic nest in anticipation of his potential return.

Now, just as he allegedly encourages the misguided to follow the below instructions to contact the Clemency Board, opponents may follow suit.   Those who endured Foster’s fraudulent foray into Masonry and subsequent abuses can contact the Clemency Board, spelling out his failure to disclose his criminal history when petitioning for membership and denying it when confronted with its lengthy documentation a decade later (because, of course, nothing says “I’m a changed person” like perpetuating decades of deceit).

Per http://www.restorerights.org/restore_rights/ :

In addition to sending the letter to the Clemency Board Coordinator, you should also send the letter to the members of the Board of Executive Clemency and to their Clemency Aides.

Step 7: Where should I send my application and supporting documents?

Mail all documents to: Coordinator
                                   Office of Executive Clemency
                                   2601 Blair Stone Road , Building C
Room 244
Tallahassee , Florida 32399-2450

If you are in Level I, you only need to submit your updated contact information.

If you are in Level II or Level III, your complete package should include:

  • Cover letter to Clemency Board Coordinator
  • Personal Letter, including a Statement of the relief you are requesting (restoration of civil rights)
  • Letters of Support in the order of importance
  • You can always send in additional materials while your application is pending.



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