When all suffer the sins of one

The Masonic Digest of the State of Florida allows few concessions per felons in Freemasonry:  convicted felons must provide proof of completion of sentence/punishment and restoration of civil rights upon submittal of a  membership petition. Only when the Craft has been made aware of the criminal history can the felon be presented for ballot.

But what about a violent felon who lied to gain membership?

What about the collective failures of the local and Grand Lodge to conduct a background investigation and police members per the guidelines set forth in the Masonic Digest of the State of Florida?

 What about those who’ve borne the havoc and turmoil wrought during the felon’s decade long deceit and fraud?

What’s to be said of a Grand Master who surreptitiously met with the felon, pre-Masonic trial, and allowed him to plot his own pithy punishment?

The culmination of these actions is an affront to every Master Mason in good standing not only on local, district, state, and national levels, but all across the globe.  The policy of “making good men better” is for naught when a felon reigns free.


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