Un vs. Non

February 19, 2013

An answer is needed to an age old question; not why did the chicken cross the road but rather:  Why does a currently suspended thrice convicted violent felon with a lengthy criminal history (including but not limited to 2 separate incarcerations with one in a Department of Corrections mental health facility, a fifteen year term of probation, and a probation violation https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/it-aint-no-copy-and-paste-and-it-wasnt-one-small-youthful-indiscretion/ ) continually attend Masonic functions (including but not limited to an officer installation and a multi-lodge President’s Day picnic)?

James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster is in the middle of a five year definite suspension.  Re-entry into the fraternity is contingent upon restoration of civil rights which, as demonstrated by the United States government, will not happen without divine or federal intervention ( https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/no-restoration-of-civil-rights-for-the-weary/ ).

Further, in consideration of Foster’s failure to disclose his criminal history when petitioning for membership coupled with his denial of it nearly a decade later, Felon-free Masonry does not recognize him as a Mason or brother in any respect.

Simply, he is nonmasonic.

There’s been plenty of talk regarding unmasonic conduct though little addresses nonmasonic behavior.  To delineate:  Unmasonic conduct is traditionally interpreted as a bad thing done by an otherwise decent mason in good standing; Walter Schoepf’s crimes and actions reasonably represent this.  Accordingly, Felon-free Masonry accepts him as a Mason and brother (albeit unmasonic) mainly because he has not defrauded the fraternity.

However, nonmasonic conduct is exemplified by Jimmy Foster’s initial fraud and subsequent decade of deceit.

Simply, he has no place or standing in the world of Freemasonry.

Sadly, some may overlook the actions of these men and thereby fail to appreciate the need for Masonic rules, regulations, and punishment.  Felon-free Masonry  understands this as such things are often selectively overlooked and/or unenforced by officers on local and/or Grand Lodge levels.  Still, to those good standing brothers allegedly meeting with Foster and Schoepf for weekly Hillsborough Lodge Past Masters dinners:  Really?  Gentlemen, are you aware that your actions could be considered unmasonic conduct in its purest form?

Again, Felon-free Masonry understands because of the oft employed Masonic way:  Subjectivity at its finest followed by heaping doses of do as I say, not as I do.

But back to non vs. unmasonic, shall we consider what constitutes poor judgment, outright stupidity, or clearly unsuitable behavior?

1.     Some might say a thrice convicted violent’s felon’s fraudulent entry into Freemasonry is NONMASONIC.

       Felon-free Masonry agrees.

2.     Some might say Shrimp Meister Schoepf’s actions are unmasonic and worthy of masonic punishment.

        Felon-free Masonry agrees.

3.     Some might say that having Table Lodge prepared by a brand new federal convict is extremely poor judgment.

        Felon-free Masonry agrees.

4.     Some might say that fence sitting and duplicity are unsuitable behaviors.

        Felon-free Masonry agrees.

5.  Some might say that caring more about the author of Felon-free Masonry than the actual written content is outright stupidity.

      Again, Felon-free Masonry agrees.

And by the way, why are some seemingly more concerned with this blog’s author rather than the actual written content?  Do people really want to know who’s written what?  Well, here you go:  Foster’s felonious history was written by his actions and documented by The Hillsborough County Clerk of Court’s office and the Florida Department of Corrections.  Schoepf dictated his own criminal history which has been generously outlined by the United States federal government.

Further, despite multiple claims of masonic and legal actions against Felon-free Masonry, no such are pending.  Should  any Masonic, non, un, or other individuals feel slighted by Felon-free Masonry’s inclusion of public records and legal documentation, perhaps they should focus more on paying their bills, obeying the law, not refusing BAC testing (hey, that almost spells joke), avoiding foreclosure, and upholding Masonic obligations.



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