Memorandum to the Meister

August 26, 2012

Dear Shrimp Meister Schoepf,

Felon-free Masonry hopes you enjoyed those years spent twisting the screws because look who’s screwed now.  It’s not quite as much fun when your life and livelihood are called into question, agree?  And all those concerns about social standing, white hats, and Grand Lodge appointments; how’s that working out for you these days?

Oh, and Bustin:  Still laughing? Good, so are we.

So, will you resign and accept relegation to the fringe (sorry Willie, pun not intended) with felon Foster to pithily plot the demise of those who’ve no discernable concern for you?  Will you start a new leper lodge with a Past Masters and Present Felons Association?  Perhaps you could meet at Hank’s for food, fun, and felonious fellowship.

Yes, you’re now a joke (hey, that almost spells Joe K.) who must reap what he’s mislabeled sown.

Congratulations, Schoepf, you’ve done what many thought was impossible:  You out-f’d felon Foster.  Though his crimes were violent and preclude restoration of civil rights, YOU. WENT. FEDERAL.  Yep, the big time.


Gee, when you screw up, you screw up big.

And just so you know:  It’d be easier to care had you not burned virtually every bridge you’ve built.  Instead, enjoy your hard knock life; you’ve earned it.


Felon-free Masonry


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