Et tu, Shrimpte?

August 16, 2012

Congratulations, alleged Shrimp Meister Schoepf Schopf, like a phoenix arising from allegedly felonious ashes, you’re feeding this year’s Table Lodge masses.  And what a wonderful way to reward your glorious defection from Hillsborough Lodge but then again, with tickets at 30 pieces of silver $35.00 each, a boy without an allegedly wealthy widowed gal with a penchant for dressing as though Chico’s threw up on her has to pay for his federal defense somewhow, no?

And thus begs the question:  With Schoepf’s August 27th federal felony trial date fast approaching, what if he’s convicted prior to Table Lodge; who’ll shill the  shrimp at the shindig?  Alas, never fear, surely Schoepf can drum up leper lodge buddies and assorted hanger ons help before the cock grows three times dinnertime and with that in mind, cheers to Schoepf’s last supper Table Lodge!


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