The nose knows, no?

August 11, 2012

Should counsel for alleged Shrimp Meister Walter Schoepf Schopf take a page from the Felon Foster Criminal Defense playbook, the tale could twist a little something like this:

Well, Yer Honor, it was only 1 shrimp, 1 time, in the city limits, and a long time ago; I didn’t even use cocktail sauce.

You know, because an alleged single gunshot within the city limits always results in three felony convictions (including those for auto theft and aggravated battery with a weapon; both of which are surely synonymous with a single gunshot.  Aren’t all alleged shooters eventually convicted of auto theft and battery?), a 25 year prison sentence (with two separate prison stints, including one in a Florida Department of Corrections mental health facility), and a 15 year (violated) probationary period.


However, should Felon-free Masonry employ the Pinnochio theory of truth telling, Foster’s nose will soon eclipse that of Schoepf Schopf.

And that’s a big deal.


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