Kitchen Prep

July 4, 2012

Nearly a dozen years ago, alleged Shrimp Meister Walter Schoepf coordinated the first annual Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 Table Lodge.  However, with an August federal trial fast approaching, it is unknown if he will be available for this year’s event.  Still, should Schoepf be convicted and sentenced to prison, he can continue the tradition with a new and genuinely captive audience; one garbed in jumpsuits instead of tuxedos and with a Spam-inspired mystery meat menu instead of illegally mislabeled shrimp.

Brothers, behold Prison Lodge:

If faced with incarceration, Felon-free Masonry humbly suggests Schoepf seek prison etiquette advice from thrice convicted violent felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster; surely he’ll show Schoepf soap on a rope the ropes.  Otherwise, perhaps a little OZ Prison Primer 101 will do the trick.

Imagine, Schoepf:  The new Vizard of Oz.

Kinda brings a tear to yer eye, don’t it?


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