When words and worlds collide

May 7, 2012
In response to last weeks’ search terms used to find felon-free Masonry:

felon free masonry:  Yay, you found us!


felon freemasonry:  ^

corvettes suck:   Felon-free Masonry agrees.

orlando 893.135 on 2012 april 19:  Not sure about the Orlando and numbers thing; we too may need to google that.

prince hall masonry: Thank you, Prince Hall brethren, we appreciate your readership!

felon freemason:  James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster and quite possibly charged but not convicted Walter Schoepf


freemason accecpt felon:  Felons who have fulfilled the terms of their sentence(s) (and can prove this) AND have full restoration of civil rights may be elligible for membership.

fl810.02(3b):  We’ll get back to you on this after we too google it.


is smoking weed unmasonic conduct:  Felon-free Masonry assumes no one is smoking weed at/in lodge though it likely is considered unmasonic conduct.

grounds for expulsion from free masonry felon:  Grounds for expulsion, hmmm, looks as though it’s harder and harder to get kicked out these days; at least if felon Foster’s case is an example (kindly refer to multiple previous postings).


dui conviction freemason:  Many Masons have had DUI convictions and some have been arrested for refusal to take the breathalizer test (hey, that almost spells joke).


tampa bay prince hall masonic lodge:  Hello, gentlemen!


masons + felony:  = Jimmy Foster and charged but not yet convicted Walter Schoepf.  Kudos to Schoepf for incurring federal felony charges, that’s quite the feat.


norman hemming iii:  You got us with Norman Hemming III; we too will need to google that one.

freedom tower nyc:  An amazing building in one of the most fabulous cities ever!


freedom tower:  It is built on what should be considered sacred ground.  God bless those who passed so tragically and those who will soon occupy the tower.


wham:  Wake us up before you go go, don’t leave us hanging on like a felon-free yo yo.


j. dick martinez, bankruptcy:  The answer is a seven figure filing blowing in the wind.


“joseph citro” “tampa”:  A Past Master in good standing who never stole a Past Master’s portrait from the Past Master’s room yet whose portrait was subject to such theft on a day when Past Masters Jim Bustin and Walter Schoepf showed up to collect bum air conditioners and allegedly supposedly took a bit more.  Perhaps those two should remember:  Take a picture means with a camera, not from the wall.

convicted of a felony can i become a mason:  It’s possible if you’ve successfully completed the terms of your sentence (including parole, probation, and payment of fines), can prove it, and have full restoration of civil rights. 


if we forget the past we are destined to repeat it jonestown:  It’s true that if we do not remember the past, we will repeat it.  Also, Seductive Poison by Deborah Layton is the best account of the rise and fall of Jim Jones and Jonestown.


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  1. I like the blog Bro! Opened my eyes was assured we did NCIC/FCIC background checks on all potential members like when purchasing a firearm, or gaining a simple confidential/secret clearance. Apparently I was wrong.

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