Because you want to know.

April 27, 2012

Many have asked how Felon-free Masonry learned of Walter Schoepf’s arrest and felony charges.  Well, friends and brothers, the answer is simply this:  Someone googled and his/her  very specific search terms appeared in the WordPress list of phrases used to find this blog.

As you may have noticed, some previous blog entries include lists of such terms.  These phrases are compiled on the blog’s “dashboard” (user control panel).  A glance at the dashboard one particular recent evening revealed a rather intriguing pair of search terms:  Walter Schoepf arrest and Walter Schopf arrest

A googling of those terms led to this United States government press release:


That article led to public records which ultimately let the shrimp cat out of the allegedly mislabeled bag.

And here we are today. 

Felon-free Masonry admits:  Allegedly mislabeled shrimp are good for business!  Not only have they increased blog veiwership, they’ve taken the heat off of thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster.   At least for now, that is.

Vell played, Walter Schoepf Schopf, vell played.  You are the vind beneath our felon-free vings.   (That said, felon-free Masonry vould rather eat mislabeled shrimp be vounded vith something sharp and rusty than have a Bette Midler tribute but you’ve earned it.  Score indeed.)


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