Pawns, prawns; tomato, tomato

April 1, 2012

As James F. Bustin recently said,   “Its a gas to know that we own you all at felon free masonry…we laugh at your postings. ” 

Hey Jim: 

Still laughing? 

Still impressed with your clown car circle of friends? 

Ready to defend yet another brother facing felony charges? 

Still wondering who’s to be bumped from a wall? 

Wow Jim, being you must be a chore.  You know, kind of like juggling knives and dodging a swift poke in the eye.

Perhaps the old adage is true:  You can’t tell the players from the coaches without a federal indictment program.

Wow.  Just wow.

If history tells us anything, it is that the Hillsborough Lodge Past Master portrait wall will soon resemble a chess board.  You know, what with the possible purging of the 2005 Worshipful alleged Shrimp Meister’s Master’s photo coupled with the theft of 2007 Past Master felon Foster’s picture.  That leaves the law abiding 2006 leader’s portrait firmly ensconced in its rightful place.  If it’s returned, that is; please and thanks.

Checkmate, Jim.


Felon-free Masonry


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