An Ode to Flying J Debs

December 31, 2011


You know those awkward moments when, like at a friend’s March birthday party a few years ago, the crowd falls silent thanks to the sight of a beer bottle firmly ensconced smack in the middle of your beloved’s bosom?

You know, the bosom you supposedly secured with bartered tree trimming services. 

Well, friend, fret no more.  And no, we ain’t threatenin’ you.  Eliminate those unpleasant pauses and moments of mirthless mortification with the red solo cup

Yes, toast your friends with a tip of the cup:  Bottom’s up to the new year and here’s to birthdays without embarrassingly bared bosoms! 


Felon-free Masonry

By the way:  Is it really appropriate for a member of the Penal Affairs committee to invite a suspended thrice-convicted felon to a Past Master’s Dinner; red solo cup notwithstanding?


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