Felon-free la la, la la bah bahhhh

December 17, 2011

Much led to the May 3, 2010 inception of Felon-free Masonry.  Equally as much has happened since that time.  As one must know the past to understand the present, one must remember:  Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  

Felon-free Masonry stemmed from need.  Specifically, the need to expose a thrice convicted violent felon who fraudulently infiltrated the world’s oldest fraternity.  Felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster hid his extensive criminal history when petitioning for membership with Hillsborough Lodge No. 25.  Further, he denied the record when it surfaced in September, 2009.  

Felon Foster deceived every single Master Mason in good standing across the globe.   Moreover, he dismissed the rap sheet as a poorly typewritten “fake” when in fact, it embodies the best $24.00 ever spent. 


Barring devine intervention and reversal of state and federal laws, felon Foster, whose release from a five year suspension is contingent upon full restoration of civil rights, may never again darken any Masonic doors.

Foster’s convictions for aggravated battery and aggravated assault, counts 12 and 18 on the violent crimes list and both of which he was convicted on February 3, 1983,  preclude restoration of civil rights.



  •  No violent offenses (see Level I list; please click on the above link to view Levels I and II, Rule 9- Rules of Executive Clemency)
  • Not declared a habitual violent felony offender, a 3-time violent felony offender, violent career criminal, prison releasee reoffender, sexual predator

Enter the following information provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into the link for proof that Foster lacks restoration of civil rights:


Name:  James Anderson Foster

Date of Birth:  12/17/1960

Florida Department of Corrections Identification Number:  0144204

Oddly, felon Foster still has a motley pack of backers, including an allegedly electioneered hanger on Past Master James Bustin. 

Yes, he of:




and most recently


Which brings us to now. 

Brother Bustin has fanmailed Felon-free Masonry. 

Hark, the herald angels sing!

As Felon-free Masonry figures what the heck, we’ll throw you a bone for the attention you seek firmly believes in free speech, it is with much pleasure that Bustin’s unedited words be shared for all to enjoy. 

Joy to the world!

The sheep speaks:

Its a gas to know that we own you all at felon free masonry. You spend so much time working on your hate while we laugh at your postings. It’s obvious that most if not all of your entertaining attempts at prose is written by “stinky Rinda’ a name you were tagged with by two males in agreement. And then of course the “hair guy” w/no political experience which was the extent of the Tampa Tribune’s coverage of his last political run. Try dog catcher next but don’t hope for much. I hope “no really” that this litle band of first graders continues, it’s truly enterentertaining to the “Stars” of your efforts. The Big Hunting Lodge in the Sky know the cast of characters and are waiting for an opening. We -own you- is a concept that I seriously doubt any of you have the capacity to understand except maybe Sam the Sham but not his Pharos, if some effort is given. Please keep up the good work and Samson be careful “stinky doesn’t bump you off ——— a wall Peace :) ))

Quothe Brother Bustin, nevermore.

Brother Bustin,

Though most humbled by and appreciative of your visit to this corner of cyberspace, Felon-free Masonry wonders:  what led you here? You know, what with your multiple denouncements of this blog and the reading of it. 

Then again, you hardly typify a man of his word.  You know, what with multiple Masonic resignations, missteps, and misspeaks.


Did you purposely wait until after elections to, ahem, speak your mind? Please don’t misconstrue, you’re welcome at Felon-free Masonry regardless of reasons. 


But anyway.  Are you truly pondering a dimit?  As the old saying goes:  Don’t threaten us with a good time.

Say, what’s your opinion of the adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” How would you feel if one in your circle embodied both?  Would it still warrant your outright theft wrongful borrowing of a Masonic jacket lest Jack Frost roast your nuts on an open fire?


Jim, speaking of owned, do you own anything? You know, what with that nasty little foreclosure.  Perhaps that’s why you allegedly-and with supposed wreckless abandon-gleefully tossed about other people’s money in a quest to accomplish the allegedly highest priced and most poorly overseen roof and air conditioning work in the free world.  

Jim, for clarity’s sake:  the chorus is LEAN ON ME, not LEIN THE LODGE

Clear?  Good.

Oh, and how’s the gal who-if the public timeline is correctly followed-married, divorced, and remarried her husband during most of an alleged nearly twenty year courtship with you?  Wow, talk about can’t tell the players from the coaches without a program.  Thank goodness for those handy Tampa Tribune articles, huh?


So, could your alleged anti-adultery stance be considered a simple case of self loathing?

Regarding political careers, at least the gentleman to whom you allude can legally have one.  As detailed above, your dear friend felon Foster is forever barred from restoration of civil rights, pursuit of public office, firearms possession, or voting in city, county, state, or federal elections. 

Shoot which he can’t, see above, thanks to his knack for twisting tales coupled with a definite indefinite suspension, felon Foster can’t even join in the Masonic reindeer games. 


Tisk tisk.

Dogcatcher? Definitely. Several dirty dogs were caught by the tale (intended spelling) and had their noses rubbed in it.  Deservedly so.


Great hunting lodge in the sky? Is that a death threat, friend?

By the way, your writing shows promise. Though the promise is subjective, promising nonetheless. Perhaps you should pursue a WordPress.com blog; there’s room for more and Felon-free Masonry will surely follow.

Merry Christmas and keep fighting the felonious fight. You know, since it’s gotten you so. far.

Oh, and have a happy new year with stockings and stolen Past Master photos hanging from the mantle.  Oooh, yet again:  Jim and Walter, take a picture means with a camera, not stealing from the Past Master’s room from the wall.


Now, Jim:  Before charging into 2012, make sure you’re barking up the right tree; your actual lack of backers might surprise you. 

For now, dinner is served.

Most sincerely,

Felon-free Masonry


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