The bark is bigger than the bite but the paws are uber icky sticky

December 10, 2011

Dear Jim,

Felon-free Masonry’s noticed quite the chill in the air as of late and oddly, it  does not stem directly from your behavior. Tell, brother, do you keep the frost at bay by bundling up in a wrongfully borrowed Masonic jacket?

Oh, but anyway; to the meat of the message.

As you may know, Christmas is fast approaching.  And, as you may also know, children around the globe are often gifted with pets, including precious puppies adorned with bows but devoid of behvioral governance.  It’s in this vein that your wise counsel is sought:  Could you please recommend a good obedience school?


You’ve no idea why we ask? 

Quite simply, it’s assumed that your successful lap dog service to messers Foster and Schoepf is the result of highly specialized obedience training. 

Jump, Jim!   How high?

Sit Jim!   Right here!

Eat Jim!   Yum, yum!

Hate people for no reason because we too hate them for no reason, Jim?   Ohhh! Yes sir!

Launch a bewildering attack on brothers in open Lodge! 

Well, you get the point.  Surely no one follows that easily without brainwashing amazingly special obedience training. 

Seriously, is anyone so mindless and blindly led?

Jim, thanks for your time.  Felon-free Masonry hopes to see you on election night when your uber obedience training goes into action.

Woof woof  Sincerely,

Felon-free Masonry


One comment

  1. Its a gas to know that we own you all at felon free masonry. You spend so much time working on your hate while we laugh at your postings. It’s obvious that most if not all of your entertaining attempts at prose is written by “stinky Rinda’ a name you were tagged with by two males in agreement. And then of course the “hair guy” w/no political experience which was the extent of the Tampa Tribune’s coverage of his last political run. Try dog catcher next but don’t hope for much. I hope “no really” that this litle band of first graders continues, it’s truly enterentertaining to the “Stars” of your efforts. The Big Hunting Lodge in the Sky know the cast of characters and are waiting for an opening. We -own you- is a concept that I seriously doubt any of you have the capacity to understand except maybe Sam the Sham but not his Pharos, if some effort is given. Please keep up the good work and Samson be careful “stinky doesn’t bump you off ——— a wall Peace :)))

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