The Don Speaks. Redundantly so but speaks nonetheless.

October 30, 2011

From: Pro060157@aol.com [mailto:Pro060157@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 5:19 PM
To:  (A lot of brothers)

Subject: Next Stated Communication

 Brethren, I hope you will support the “revised annual dues” as approved unanimously by the Finance Committee as was requested at our last Stated Communication by your refusal of the first proposal. Your Committee met and went over every expenditure, and source of income that “YOUR LODGE” has to operate with. The PRIMARY ISSUE is the fact that our Lodge is now operating financially in the RED, and as per Grand Lodge Law we cannot legally do that. The Lodge, and each of its MEMBERS, are required to pay their share of all expenses. Grand Lodge takes $14.00 immediately from each member’s dues. In 2010 and 2011, we (THE LODGE – YOU), had to make major repairs that have been kicked down the street for years, because it “just cost too much money, and we can wait until next year”. Well, that year finally arrived, and the bills to take care of our Beautiful Building came due. This included  replacing the entire heating and cooling system ( which was 35 years old), the roof over the same area last replaced 25 years ago, complete updating the electrical system, including the Lodge Secretary’s Office, and most important the lighting and electrical system of the Lodge room, which had never been brought up to code since 1929, and a possible source of a disaster of fire destroying the entire building.  Bringing up to date with city code the entire kitchen system, including plumbing and electrical work, also plumbing in all the rest rooms was out dated and not up to code. We had to completely refurbish and bring up to code the electrical and plumbing in the Kennedy and Morgan Street Offices. If we had not done this refurbishing, it would have been impossible to obtain a renter for either office. If you had been attending Lodge in 2010 and 2011, you would have been informed of all the repairs that our 82 year old building required, and the work your officers have done to protect “OUR LODGE BUILDING.” A number of Brothers did come to assist the Lodge and did assist in various minor projects, but the major projects required professional companies. Your Officers did require proper procedures in bidding and bonding to ensure proper labor and excellent work by each company. As I stated in the beginning of this e-mail, the fact remains, Grand Lodge Law and Regulations REQUIRE that we always charge enough in ANNUAL DUES TO COMPLETELY COVER ALL EXPENDITURES. BRETHREN I love our Lodge and all the Brethren, please show your support and love for Hillsborough Lodge by voting for the increase in dues and PROTECT YOUR HILLSBOROUGH LODGE. Brethren, I request that you ask the Great Architect as I have, to guide you in this extremely important decision, that will affect the future of Hillsborough Lodge for years to come. If you desire discussing anything about our financial condition or any other matter, feel free to call me at (number removed). C. Don Prosser PM 1978

Regarding the above Donism: 

Perhaps “operating in the red” is the alleged result of alleged bunglings by allegedly  J-named individuals whose alleged collective ineptitude supposedly materialized as a 5 figure lein levied against Hillsborough Lodge No. 25. 

However, such allegations neither shock or surpise, especially in consideration of previous foul ups allegedly executed by  other scurrilous J-named scamps.  Those furtive fellows allegedly cost the lodge significant dollars through gross mismanagement of rental properties.  Supposedly, had those alleged J-namers allowed prospective tenants-allegedly with cash in hand and allegedly offering   professional, self funded 10-20K renovations-sign leases allegedly valued between $2,500.00 and $3,500.00 monthly, the point would be moot and the budget black.

Moreover, red would be just another color, not a blown budget or blood on hands.   Further, if alleged J-namers assumed any supposed responsibility and accountability, red would be the rightful color of chagrined and shamed cheeks; top and bottom. 

That said, the proposed dues increase is a bit pricey.   However, that’s not to say an increase isn’t warranted.  Perhaps slight increases over the next four or five years coupled with realistic rental expectations would cushion the blow, no? 

Don, as you know, Hillsborough Lodge now accepts Trestleboard advertising and sponsorship.  Presumably, these dollars will offset rising printing and mailing costs.  Maybe you should helm a Trestleboard sponsorship committee.  Perhaps while sending electioneering emails you could challenge other Past Masters to provide an annual printing/postage offset pledge. 

And Don, do you really want to discuss codes; city, county, and state?  Really? 

So there it is.  The best part of waking up is a nice cup of shut the Don up.

That and paragraphs, Don, paragraphs.  Try them, you might like them.


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