Something vicked (and wile) this vay comes (and stuff like this)

October 13, 2011

Tonight, Felon-free Masonry presents for your reading pleasure the latest installment in a little something it likes to call Tales from the Golden Dolt

 In this October 9, 2011 entry, the great orator Jim Bustin again peddles excuses for everything and reasons for nothing.   Behold, his poorly penned prose missive regarding  www.felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com :

I want you all to see why I no longer wish to participate in the doings of Hillsborough Lodge #25.  W:. Walter Schoepf and I came to Lodge this past tuesday and this is what was e-mailed to me today Saturday 10/8/11.  If this  is your idea of Masonry it’s sad. You dissed a good man and Mason and brought in someone vile.  Unbelievable.

Okay; dissed?  Really?  Are you 12? 

But anyway. 

Do tell, what exactly is so “unbelievable?”  It’s true that W:. Schoepf accompanied you to lodge just as he did the day a Past Master’s photograph was stolen removed from the Past Master’s room.  As Felon-free Masonry previously advised:  Take a picture means with a camera, not from the wall. 

But enough about that; for now, anyway. 

On to vile

Agreed, Brother Bustin, good men were “dissed” by something vile.   Moreover, “vile” aptly describes the behavior of your friend, thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster, who:   

  • Defrauded every Master Mason in good standing across the globe through failure to disclose his lengthy, felonious criminal history when petitioning for membership. 
  • Denied the criminal history when it surfaced in September of 2009.
  • Illegally stored personal identifying information of Lodge members and employees on his personal computer. 
  • Forced a carload of teenagers into a ditch following a self proclaimed “85 mile per hour” car chase over, of all things, a roll of toilet paper. 
  • Allegedly stole his own petition from Hillsborough Lodge. 
  • Usurped the Grand Lodge of Florida’s rules and regulations to illegally access sealed membership files
  • Purposely sought to destroy the personal and professional reputations of those who challenged his irrational reign of terror.
  • Helmed widespread, down and dirty electioneering campaigns. 
  • Created a hostile, tense environment in Hillsborough Lodge when confronted with his improprieties.
  • Allegedly had a hand in forging a certain gal’s signature on a ridiculous missive to the Grand Lodge of Florida. 
  • Supposedly repeatedly “coerced” others to file false charges against innocent men.
  • Dumped oil into an air conditioning unit against the advice of professional repairment, thereby destroying the unit and costing the blue lodge a repair amount allegedly exceeding $250,000.oo. 

Yes, “vile” firmly fits felon Foster. 

By the way, Brother Bustin, you too were “dissed.”  You too were wronged, cheated, and defrauded by felon Foster.  Interestingly, you continue to champion his “us vs. them” mentality.  Ironically, it’s the one thing you haven’t quit.  Still, Felon-free Masonry safely assumes that if your enemy was the convicted felon, you’d likely lead the line to drum the individual out of the fraternity. 

Brother Bustin, kindly note that felon Foster has ZERO credibility and embodies all things non-Masonic.  Yes, that’s NON-MASONIC, not unmasonic.  The difference is this:  Unmasonic would imply that Foster was once Masonic.  However, through acts of  betrayal, disloyalty, dishonesty, and deceit, he is not even remotely Masonic; thus non-Masonic.  Frankly, Brother Bustin, the same could apply to you; oh ye of multiple Masonic resignations.   

Felon Foster is a non-Masonic cowan, interloper, and fraud. 

Further, Brother Bustin, if Felon-free Masonry is what keeps you away from lodge, you’re truly spineless.  Kindly note that men and Masons worth their salt fight to reclaim what it rightfully theirs and good by nature.   But for you, throwing in the towel is more than laundry, it’s a way of life and a hallmark of your less than stellar Masonic career. 


Felon-free Masonry


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