The answer is blowing in the wind

October 10, 2011

Fall.   The most beautiful time of year.  A season rife with change  and reflection on past events and future plans.  

Time to turn over a new leaf. 

With fall comes a special day when tricksters cloaked in imagination and costume immodestly trawl for treats. 

Masonically, fall sparks a feracious fervency of pre-election activity.  Unfortunately, this fevered furor is often marred by maligned , manipulative missives mired in misguided motives penned by surreptitious simpletons seeking perpetuation of an us vs. them mentality.  Yep, no rest or actual consideration of leadership for the weary.  Electioneering emails, coming soon to an inbox near you (click the image to enlarge and read the email). 

The season of the floating felon head witch is truly upon us.

Unfortunately, despite encouragement otherwise, Masonic lodges are rife with cliques and factions.  Brothers, kindly note:  there is no place for this behavior in Freemasonry.  The very definition of hypocrisy is to extoll the virtues of brotherhood while  refusing to fully embrace it.   

The us vs. them mentality, oft evidenced in felon Foster’s communication, is proof that an allegedly popular vote is note necessarily the right one. 

Consider the curious electioneering case of an alleged professional quitter.  The felon’s faction championed one whose attendance rivaled his number of Masonic resignations (was it 3, 4, or 5?).  Further, the professional quitterism spilled over into a term as the oft absent head of the Masters and Wardens Association. 

Now, splinters of the felonious faction would have brethren choose a particular Joe K. (hey, that almost spells joke) as the next Hillsborough Lodge leader.  Brethren, kindly note that Joe. K. openly and in the presence of penal affairs representatives admitted to filing false charges against an innocent brother. 

Joe K.’s defense?  The felon made him do it.

Yes, a grown, colleged educated, and seemingly well rounded individual actually offered up the pithy excuse of coercion from floating head Foster.

Brethren, kindly note:  spinelessness is not a valued leadership trait.  Choosing an individual of such easily “coerced” caliber would be perhaps a greater Masonic misstep than was made nearly three years ago. 

Heed now:  Because “Jimmy said to vote for him” is NO REASON to elect an individual.  Jimmy also said he had no criminal history but as evidenced, he’s a thrice convicted violent felon sentenced to 25 years in prison and a 15 year probationary period. 


Break free from the shackles of electioneering.  Attend lodge, note not only who fills the seats but who best embodies the ideals and tenets of Freemasonry.  Discover who generously and without complaint or contempt best serves YOUR lodge.  Learn who  honestly and sincerely has YOUR lodge’s best interest at heart. 

Ask yourself:  Who has NOT deluged your inbox with bitter, redundant retellings of rootless, age old grudges? 

The choice of leadership lies in YOUR hands.  Wisely weigh your decision, let faithul service be your guide.  Follow not the road paved with felonious fodder cloaked in pseudofriendship.  End us vs. them now.

Yes, fall is a season for change and though a felonious faction may electioneer tout change,  don’t fall for it.  Brothers, kindly note this whispering of wise, time tested, and true counsel:  Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. 

Simply put:  friend don’t let friends elect dolts electioneer. 

Turn over that new leaf now.


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