Hey, how’s the ho ho homestead?

October 9, 2011

Wow, it looks like that nasty little foreclosure incident just won’t go away, will it?  Oh well, give it another month or two; maybe Santa will fix it. 

Or not.

Mad Santa knows times are tough but leave his sack alone.  Sac up and handle it yourself.


And speaking of ho ho ho, how’s about a little help with this mixed up Masonic math?

1.  Suppose a Mason touts 17+ years with a gal.

2.  Assume said gal is only about 9 years into widowhood and may have divorced and remarried twice (2 times) within the last two (2) decades.

3.   The Mason and gal denounce adultery while allegedly referring to singles dating the mutually unencumbered as whores

Thus the simplicity of Scrabble; isn’t life fabulous when the adorable little letter tiles fall into place? 

Triple word whore score, indeed.


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