How Masonry allegedly killed Meredith Kercher and framed Amanda Knox for murder

October 2, 2011

Today’s New York Post features an interesting telling of the Amanda Knox murder trial in Italy.  Knox, a now 24 year old Seattle native, has for 4 years been vilified in the Italian press, thanks largely to the highly circumstantial and occult-based conspiracy theory spun by prosecutor Giuliano Magnini.  

If we’re to believe Magnini, the absence of Knox’ DNA at the crime scene can only mean one thing:  Masons did it. 


The entire article: 


From page 3:

Mignini got encouragement and theoretical assistance in the esoteric aspects of previous investigations from an unusual source: Gabriella Carlizzi, a wealthy Roman woman and courthouse gadfly whose day job consisted of running a Catholic charity that worked with prisoners. Carlizzi, who died of cancer in 2010, was, like Mignini, a serious practicing Catholic herself who had dedicated her life to exposing and fighting satanic sects.

Before her death, Carlizzi operated out of a home office in a spacious apartment on one of the most ancient roads out of Rome, replete with white grand piano, bronze statuary and fluffy lap dog. She made herself up in what Americans might recognize as high Staten Island style, with designer eyeglasses, lip liner and ample tanned cleavage on display. Childhood polio had left her with a limp and a dedication to art, literature and a form of Christian spirituality that recognizes agents of Satan in an astonishing array of modern-day organizations and societies.

One of Carlizzi’s primary obsessions were the Masons.

There are 24 Masonic lodges in Perugia, making it Italy’s per-capita center of Masonic activity. Perugians believe that members of those lodges secretly control most aspects of banking, business and administration in their community.

Mignini grew up around their symbols, and because church and Italian history fascinated him, he knew them better than most.

Masonic initiation rites are rooted in a hodgepodge of alchemy and ancient religious practices and texts, from the Mithraic mysteries to the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Bible itself. Members can attain several “degrees,” and at each degree, a separate initiation rite takes place. Initiates are blindfolded and asked to leave their worldly belongings at the door.

They either untie their shoes or actually remove one shoe, which seems to be a nod to a piece of pagan symbolism of stepping into and out of the underworld.

Mignini was very familiar with this Masonic ritual. At 7 via della Pergola, the home of Meredith and Amanda, the track of single bloody shoe prints was evidence enough of their involvement.

Mignini was also comfortable with the notion that his Catholic Church still battles the forces of paganism, and chief among the church’s traditional pagan foes was an old cult in Italy that revered the fertility goddess Diana. Italian women executed as witches in the 1300s said they followed a “lady of the game” into the forest, where they practiced animal transformation, becoming beasts that could fly, and traveled long distances, entering houses through windows and walls, drinking wine, leaving behind feces, and waking up in their own beds the next morning unsure of how they’d gotten home.

The practitioners called those gatherings “games.” For some unclear reason, the game nights traditionally fell on Thursdays.

DNA evidence would eventually prove that Guede sexually assaulted Kercher, and he was convicted of her killing.

But Mignini would not believe such a simple explanation. The date, the shoe prints, the parallels to pagan rituals — this was an occult death ceremony, and Knox was at the center of it.

If the lack of physical evidence exonerates Knox in Italian court tomorrow, Mignini will be unbowed — he will likely believe the Masons have once again won.


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  1. Mignini is a total lunatic. He has been trying to prove crazy masonic rituals and conspiracies in pretty much every case he’s investigated for decades. I can’t believe this guy is still employed by his country. This case alone makes me leery of returning to Italy (a place I have visited and loved more than once) lest I arrive at the wrong place at the wrong time and am branded a satanist and a mason by Mignini and railroaded through Italy’s joke of a legal system. I don’t know if Amanda Knox had anything to do with her roomie’s death but it sure seems likely… and we’ll never really know because Mignini is a moron and a blowhard. Horrifically embarassing. I can’t believe it really happened.

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