Defining the indefinite definite

July 3, 2011

Dear Grand Lodge,

What is the purpose of retaining suspended and thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster on the Masonic membership roll?   After all, he’ll never again legally or Masonically darken the door of any Masonic lodge; you know, what with his re-entry resting upon restoration of civil rights. 

As evidenced,  The felon has a rather extensive criminal history: 

https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/just-a-friendly-felon-free-reminder-of-felon-free-masonrys-purpose/ . 

Moreover,  Foster’s convictions for aggravated battery and aggravated assault, counts 12 and 18 on the violent crimes list and both of which Foster was convicted on February 3, 1983,  preclude restoration of civil rights.



  •  No violent offenses (see Level I list; please click the above link to view Levels I and II, Rule 9- Rules of Executive Clemency)
  • Not declared a habitual violent felony offender, a 3-time violent felony offender, violent career criminal, prison releasee reoffender, sexual predator

Click the following link and enter the information below it (provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement) for proof positive that Foster lacks ANY restoration of civil rights: 


Name:  James Anderson Foster

Date of Birth:  12/17/1960

Florida Department of Corrections Identification Number:  0144204

Thus, why retain such vile human wreckage?   After all, his return to the fraternity following completion of a five year suspension is contingent upon restoration of civil rights and as evidenced, that ain’t gonna happen

Nope, none, nada, zip.

Well, barring devine and federal intervention, of course. 

Kindly divulge the dirt he has on you expel him, please and thank you.

And please, OH PLEASE, when five years have passed, please don’t buy into “Well, y’all know my civil rights stuff is comin’ any day now; you know how slow these things work.  You can go ahead and let me back in, I swear they gettin’ my civil rights ready right now!”    You know it’s coming.  The BS, not the civil rights, that is. 


Felon-free Masonry


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