Because it warrants question and bears repeating

June 19, 2011

Much led to the May 3, 2010 inception of Felon-free Masonry.  Equally as much has occurred since the inception.  Just as one must know the past to understand the present, one must remember:  Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.   

Felon-free Masonry stemmed from need; specifically, the need to expose a thrice convicted violent felon who fraudulently infiltrated the world’s oldest fraternity.  Felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster hid his extensive criminal history when petitioning for membership with Hillsborough Lodge No. 25.  Further, he with chutzpah and unmitigated gall denied the record when it surfaced in September, 2009.  

Brothers, Felon Foster deceived his petition signers, brothers Ed Martin and Leonard Whalen, and every single Master Mason in good standing across the globe. 

Fred Heuting, Hillsborough Lodge’s 1984 Worshipful Master and previous secretary, strongly attests that Foster failed to disclose his criminal history.  Supporting Heuting is Foster himself, who vehemently denied the criminal history when it surfaced in September, 2009.   Further, Heuting opined that three specific brothers would “never” allow a felon entry into the fraternity:  himself, C. Donald Prosser, and Stephen B. Jacobson.

Noteworthy is Foster’s dismissal of the rap sheet as a poorly typewritten “fake” when in fact, it embodies the best $24.00 ever spent. 


And now, rumor has it that a supplemental petition purported to be Foster’s allegedly surfaced in the form of anonymous mail from St. Petersburg, Florida.  Supposedly, the document references an ”accessory” to grand theft autoInterestingly,  Brother Prosser, now a staunch felon supporter as evidenced below, is the document’s alleged recipient.  


Thus, begs many questions:

1.  Felon Foster in 2009 vigorously denied the rap sheet.  Now, if the supplemental form story is to be believed, he embraces the criminal convictions.  Which is it, Felon Foster, convicted or innocent?

2.  Felon Foster was convicted of VEHICLE THEFT.  Nowhere on his rap sheet is ”accessory.”  VEHICLE THEFT  and “accessory to grand theft auto”  are separate charges with separate penalties.  Foster was convicted of  VEHICLE THEFT (and aggravated battery and violation of probation) and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  But again, Felon Foster, is it VEHICLE THEFT or accessory to whatever? 

3.  After his criminal history surfaced in September, 2009, Felon Foster asked W:. Terry McLaughlin at Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 to hide his petition.  W:. McLaughlin checked the locked membership file cabinet but alas, Foster’s petition was gone.  Felon Foster, did you take your own petition and hope a phone call would hide the tracks?

4.  Felon Foster is highly suspected of other anonymous mailings from the St. Petersburg, Florida area.  Oddly, the mysterious, supposed supplemental petition allegedly came from that locale.  Felon Foster, have you crossed a bridge and licked a stamp? 

5.  Felon Foster’s photograph was recently removed from the Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 Past Master’s room at the behest of Worshipful Master John Hooker.  The photo was placed in the Worshipful Master’s office but oddly and mysteriously, it disappeared.  Weeks later, the photo of W:. Joseph Citro oddly and mysteriously disappeared from the Past Master’s room.  However, this was done at the behest of a thief, not the Worshipful Master.  Felon Foster, as a documented thief, have you knowledge of these acts of dishonor, disdain, and disrespect? 

(By the way, Brother Bustin, how’s that little red Corvette treating you?  Or do framed photographs fit better in your truck?)

Notably, the aforementioned do not comprise the first cloud of suspicion to swirl around Felon Foster.  Rather, they are known by many as his hallmark behavior.   Consider Foster’s illegal access of W:. Citro’s membership file. 

Not familiar with that story?  Allow Felon-free Masonry to enlighten, please. 

Foster and Jim Bustin in December, 2007 inferred that a Past Master wasn’t membership material because he “wasn’t a family man.”  This supposedly “damning” information was illegally gleaned from W:. Citro’s membership file, which was illegally accessed by W:. Walter Schoepf. 

And how do we know it was Schoepf?  Felon Foster said so, of course (a point likely recapped by the felon to Schoepf during their most recent Longhorn lunch meeting).

Felon Foster initially pinned the breach on the brother who investigated Citro.  However, when confronted with the very specific and limited number of persons able to access the locked membership files, Foster gleefully tossed Schoepf under the bus. 

But then, the pisser:  Though not being a family man was meant to slur Citro, it also applied to the unmarried and childless Schoepf. 

Now, for those considering similar smear campaigns:  Not being a family man isn’t a big deal; the guy’s looking to join a Masonic lodge, not the Brady Bunch.  However, outing a thrice convicted felon who fraudulently entered the fraternity is THE money shot of Masonic damnation. 

Aim high, gentlemen, aim. high. 

But anyway.  Foster in early 2008 ordered the opening of his petition to ensure “they ain’t fucked with mine like we did with Citro’s.  I mean, like Walter did. ”

Oh.  You don’t say. 

Or do you, Felon Foster?

Some might consider the timing of recent events a bit conspicuous.  More astute observers will note a common denominator in the midst of the madness. 

And me thinks he doth protest too much.

That, and surely it sucks to be a thrice convicted felon described as “seemingly sociopathic” and “truth challenged.” 


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