The Communication Cometh

May 22, 2011

Brothers, don’t forget:  the 182nd Annual Grand Communication will be held May 28 through June 1, 2011 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida.   

It’s not to late to reserve a room: 

9700 International Drive, Orlando, FL  32819

Phone:  1-800-366-9700


And remember:  Since Felon Foster is definitely indefinitely suspended, you needn’t worry that he’ll again claim he and Walter Schoepf broke up a bitter fight between you and someone else (who wasn’t at the hotel OR even in the city of Orlando when the alleged fight supposedly occurred).   Further, you weren’t present for the alleged fracas but truth’s never stood in the way of a Foster story Foster sure banged that drum and yet again tossed Schoepf under the bus.

Yet they’re still friends.  Hmmmm.


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