No rest(oration of civil rights) for the weary

March 11, 2011

Barring divine intervention and reversal of state and federal laws, thrice convicted violent felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster, whose release from a five year suspension is contingent upon full restoration of civil rights, may never again darken the door of any Masonic lodge.

As previously noted, Foster’s convictions for aggravated battery and aggravated assault, counts 12 and 18 on the violent crimes list and both of which Foster was convicted on February 3, 1983,  preclude restoration of civil rights.



  •  No violent offenses (see Level I list; please click on the above link to view Levels I and II, Rule 9- Rules of Executive Clemency)
  • Not declared a habitual violent felony offender, a 3-time violent felony offender, violent career criminal, prison releasee reoffender, sexual predator

Enter the following information provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement into the link for proof that Foster lacks restoration of civil rights:


Name:  James Anderson Foster

Date of Birth:  12/17/1960

Florida Department of Corrections Identification Number:  0144204

The Florida Board of Executive Clemency on Wednesday approved and published the amended rules of executive clemency:


Per Section 9. Restoration of Civil Rights or Alien Status under Florida Law Without A Hearing, No. 4, felon Foster again falls short in the quest for any civil right restoration:

4. The person has never been convicted of one of the following crimes: a. murder, attempted murder, attempted felony murder, manslaughter (F.S. Chapter 782); b. DUI manslaughter, DUI Serious Bodily Injury (F.S. 316.193); c. leaving the Scene of Accident involving Injury or Death; d. sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, unlawful sexual activity with a minor, female genital mutilation (F.S. Chapter 794); e. any violation of F.S. Chapter 800; f. lewd or lascivious offense upon or in the presence of an elderly or disabled person, attempted lewd or lascivious offense upon or in the presence of an elderly or disabled person (F.S. 825.1025); g. sexual performance by a child, attempted sexual performance by a child (F.S. 827.071); h. aggravated child abuse (F.S. 827.03); i. failure to register as a sexual predator (F.S. 775) or sexual offender ( F.S. 943.0435); j. computer pornography, transmission of computer pornography, or any crime involving a minor in violation of F.S. Chapter 847; k. kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, or luring and enticing a child (F.S. Chapter 787); l. aggravated battery, attempted aggravated battery (F.S. 784.045), felony battery, domestic battery by strangulation (F.S. 784.041); m. robbery, carjacking, attempted carjacking, home invasion, attempted home invasion (F.S. Chapter 812); n. poisoning of food or water (F.S. 859.01); o. abuse of a dead human body (F.S. 872.06); p. burglary of a dwelling, first degree burglary, or attempted first degree burglary (F.S. 810.02); q. arson, attempted arson, or conspiracy to commit arson (F.S. 806.01); r. aggravated assault (F.S. 784.021); s. aggravated stalking (F.S. 784.048); t. aggravated battery, battery, or aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer or other specified officer (F.S. 784.07); u. trafficking or conspiracy to traffic in illegal substances (F.S. 893.135);  all other first and second degree  felonies described in F. S. Chapter 893; v. aircraft piracy (F.S. 860.16); w. unlawful throwing, placing, or discharging of a destructive device or bomb (F.S. 790.161); x. facilitating or furthering terrorism (F.S. 775.31); y. treason (F.S. 876.32); z. possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (F.S. 790.23) or possession of a firearm or ammunition by a violent career criminal (F.S. 790.235); aa. bribery, misuse of public office (F.S. Chapter 838); extortion by officers of the state (F. S. 839.11); misappropriations of moneys by commissioners to make sales (F.S. 839.17); bb. any crime committed by an elected official while in office; cc. illegal use of explosives; dd. RICO; ee. exploitation of the elderly; ff. public corruption; gg. any felony violation of an election law; hh. any crime designated a “dangerous crime” under F.S. 907.041; ii. any offense committed in another jurisdiction that would be an offense listed in this paragraph if that offense had been committed in this State;

View Foster’s extensive criminal history here:



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