What’s in a name?

January 3, 2011

Felon-free Masonry diligently wove an unraveled travesty into a tapestry of truth through exposure of  what some wanted hidden.


And for that brothers, you’re welcome (you really are:  https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/youre-welcome/ ). 

Like Santa, Felon-free Masonry whittled down a naughty and nice list; one not unlike that oft mentioned by a duplicitious District Deputy Grand Master:   You can’t tell the players from the coaches without a program; buddy.

But anyway; on to the meat of the message. 

Per allegations of Messers Meketsy and Bustin’s mid-year threats of legal action against Felon-free Masonry:  As with the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, the world may never know. 

All anxiously await the results of a supposed quest for a court willing to entertain the wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth per exposure of Bustin’s bestie, 2008 Worshipful Master, and neighborhood tree cutter as a thrice convicted violent felon sentenced to 25 years in prison and a 15 year probationary term. 

Good luck. 

However, Bustin’s encountered little trouble in finding a court equipped to handle his foreclosure but that’s another story (which can be read here:  https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/brothers-can-you-spare-a-dime/ ).

Hmmm.  The felon must have a ton of time on his hands now, what with a five year suspension that’ll likely last forever per laws forbidding restoration of his civil rights coupled with a Bustin-free East, meaning no more Foster-penned Trestle Boards.

And Don; dear Don:  The suggestion that James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster has walked a path of forgiveness for 30 years is likely the most ridiculous statement ever made. 

And you’ve made many.


But a brief indulgence:  A path of forgiveness from where and to whom? 

This much is known: It sure as hell didn’t begin or end with Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 F. & A.M. as that nasty, little man had every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of an entire decade to come clean with his criminal record but alas, never did.

Nevermind that leap years afforded extra days in which to come clean; the pig remained muddied.

Foster even denied the record when it surfaced in September, 2009. 


Through withholding his criminal history from his membership petition, Don, you too were duped. 

Felon-free Masonry humbly suggests that your seeming lack of anger regarding the felon’s betrayal isn’t due to faith but rather operation in an us vs. them mentality; not unlike the mindsets of the junior Past Master and the Muppet Show chef. 

Had a “them” been a felonious fiend, you’d light the torches as the quad cum villagers ran alongside.

With the white-hatted Oompa Loompa estepping ambling a step behind, of course.

Then along came poor, pitiful Willie; whose prosaic proselytizing centered around the backgrounds of others despite countless legal woes-replete with convictions-befalling his band of brothers.

But oh well.  Perhaps it’s easiest to sweep one’s back porch when one owns a porch.  Hmmm.  What is it with this bunch and the inability to properly pay for property purchases?

But anyway. 

All fell victim to the Muppet Show chef, who with vicked viles used these otherwise unwitting simpletons to enact his orchestrations and manipulations.  

Surely, more than Felon-free Masonry witnessed his cowardly tail tucking when the felon was outed; God forbid he be associated with that.

Yes, it stinks to high heaven but no, Felon-free Masonry can’t discern if that’s from a rotten plan, ineffectual hygiene, or both.   Hmmm; any chance of him just slinking away, what with being a committeeman without a committee?

And as with Lady McBeth, no “out, out; damn spot” this time.  Muppet man shall forever bear the mark of the felonious beast.

Now, move forward.  

Congratulations, Craft; respect of world religions will not go unnoticed.  Though most don’t observe Passover in December, Felon-free Masonry willfully cuts slack in this instance.  Kindly recall the old adage along the lines of  “sleep with the devil and sooner or later you have to…” well, you know. 

But what we don’t know, Joe K. (hey, that almost spells joke), is this:  Did the felon at least buy you dinner beforehand?

File it under reaping/sowing 101.

The bastardization of Masonry by Felon Foster and his ilk has reached an end (as evidenced here:  https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/cirque-de-solong/ ).   The leadership line of Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 is now infused with new blood not beholden to bad blood (https://felonfreemasonry.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/fire-water-burn/).

Perhaps the chosen will not take lightly their tasks or devalue those who elected them to serve.  Let them remember the past as those who do not are condemned to repeat it.   Felon-free Masonry wishes the best to and for those striving to repair, restore, and respect the time-honored tenets and traditions of the fraternity.

And to the felon, quad, and its hanger ons:  and the horses you rode in on; buddies.

Oh, and a little FYI:  GFY doesn’t always mean good for you!


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