Of twits, Tweedle Dees, and Tweedle Dums. As one.

November 13, 2010

A Masonic leader recently said, “I can only hope I lived up to your expectations.” 

Ponder and fret no more, oh salty sage electioneered to in the East.  Though no “why I never come to Lodge,” kindly allow your waft of wonderment to be addressed as you’ve fully surpassed Felon-free Masonry’s less than lofty expectations. 

Foreseen was:

  • breaking of the budget and with a rumored $209,000.00+ air conditioning system, you did. 
  • excuses for everything and reasons for nothing (file under standard fare).
  • the padding of particular pockets via purchase of a poorly refurbished used stove which placed lives and eyebrows in peril.
  • bumbling and fumbling through each meeting you helmed; never has even a blind man stumbled so much (file under the need for Masonic education, etiquette, and not skipping chairs). 
  • retention of an outside company to manage vacant rental properties (file under affiliated collaborative strategic alliances of which you allege no knowledge or gain; http://www.mahrcompany.com/pdf/TMC_Vicinity%20Strategic%20Alliance%202009.pdf ).  But why lease to prospective tenants proffering $19.00 per square foot in 2008 when in 2010 the still unoccupied offices sit pretty at $10.00 per square foot? 
  • a gloriously unmasonic meltdown.  Unfortunately, it came at the expense of junior District Deputy Grand Master Woodie Newcomb.  Fortunately, the vulgar display exposed your true colors to the Craft.  Well done, brother; well done. 
  • defense of your entrenchment in the camp of thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster and with infliction of hostility upon those not sharing your view.  Oh, how you delivered (file under moral and ethical bankruptcy).
  • insertion of yourself into said felon’s Masonic trial and as evidenced by an inappropriate sidebar with Penal Affairs representative Meketsy.  One could perhaps color this mission accomplished.
  • embodiment of “be careful what you electioneer for, you just might get it.”  Rest assured, you do (file under oblivious to and revelry in idiocy).   
  • monthly submission of the most illogical, non sequitur ridden, malapropism laden, misspelled, incoherent yet unabashedly entertaining rambling wreck of words ever assembled to resemble a Trestle Board missive (file under “why I never come to lodge?”). 
  • pithy excuses for your lax attendance and participation.  However, in giving due credit, you’ve yet to submit a 2010 resignation.  What?  3 (or 4 or maybe 5) times is no longer the charm?

A plethora of points to be made exists but why bother?  Fish in a barrel, friends; fish. in. a. barrel.

Congratulations, Jim; you’re fast approaching Past Master status and with that, Felon-free Masonry wishes you nothing but the ability to clean up that nasty little foreclosure  best.  

Now run along and don’t let the oft unsecured door hit you on the way out. 


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