Cowans Rn’t Us

November 7, 2010

A Junior Warden’s recent writings included an overview of the term cowan, which per Dictionary.com is in Freemasonry known as an interloper (or pretender) working as a mason without having served a regular apprenticeship. 

Masonicdictionary.com denotes cowan as an intruder and eavesdropper; one who learned work through illegal methods.

The writer listed the first description of cowan as “pertinent” to his blue lodge yet focused solely on and ended with the latter definition.  

Felon-free Masonry humbly shares the rest of the story as A) it ascribes cowan to epitomize James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster and B) the blue lodge to which the information pertinently pertains was that of said felon. 

Will all agree that:

  • cowan aptly describes a thrice convicted felon who for years hid his extensive criminal history from the Craft, even denying it when the Florida Department of Corrections record surfaced in September, 2009?
  • felon cum cowan Foster’s illegal entry into the fraternity nullifies any marking, shred, or scintilla of Masonic membership?
  • Foster through deceit forfeits any right, reference, or recognition as a Mason, brother, brethren, or worshipful?
  • any knowledge and practice of Freemasonry possessed by Foster is an ill-gotten gain?

Shall all concur that such an egregious lack of loyalty coupled with an overt absence of self and mutual respect typifies a cowan?  

Further, will all agree that Foster is tantamount to a cowan?

Thank you, Foster’s blue lodge, for seeing the light.  Time has unveiled the truth so doggonit, stumble in darkness no more.

So glad we could help.

Humbly and most sincerely,

Felon and cowan-free Masonry


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