October 26, 2010

Ridiculata.  Fabulous word, isn’t it?

That it’s not a “real word” by dictionary standards doesn’t matter; all language begins somewhere and is rooted in inspiration and meaning.  Felon-free Masonry assumes that ridiculata is the fine line between fatuous folly and the utterly absurd.

A written word’s power is immeasurable; once printed and on display, it can be neither altered or obliterated. Words heal, harden, hinder, praise, promote, demote, deduce, reduce, expose, and close.   They may evoke emotion or perspicacious punditry.

Likewise, the power to deliver written words in a cogent, cohesive manner should never be underestimated. 

Simply put:  good writing is greatly appreciated.

Granted, not all writing meets Shakespearean expectations but that grown men have consciously composed and affixed their names to the following travesties passages further imparts the need for intelligent life writing.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this month’s Trestle Board treasures: 

  • A Worshipful Master challenged brethren to then please ask yourself, “Why I never come to Lodge?”   Just wreaks of doofus, no?
  • The baton of badly written works was handed off in this reminder:  Contact the Lodge Secretary if you need to use the Lodge facilities.  Pick me, pick me; I have to pee!
  • Then along came the rambling wreck of  buck passing and irrationality:  I want to thank the brothers for their patience with the project going on at the lodge.  It has taken far longer than we anticipated and has been a headache from the beginning.  I apologize for my past articles as they have not been accurate as to when the project will be completed.  I write these articles using the best information I have 15 days prior to you receiving them.  Apparently the information has not been that reliable.  We have run into many road blocks along the way and have dealt with them as best we can to keep the project going.  I am looking forward to completing this project and turning our attention to other matters.  I look forward to seeing you at lodge. 
  • Not to be bested is the 1/2 hour social hour:  Social hour will begin at 6:00 P.M., Dinner will be served at 6:30 P.M. followed by a program in the Lodge.
  • One lodge touts the Tron of Trestle Boards on its webpage:  You will find access to electronic Trestleboards.  And they thought it was air conditioning eating the meter; go figure.
  • The rotten cabinets, especially around the sink have been removed, replaced by SS tables.  Fascist feasting or Nazi noodling, perhaps?
  • In May, the Lodge remodeled the kitchen.  Screw self cleaning ovens, every building should be a self-repairing building. 

Just one big old honking roadmap of ridiculata, ain’t it? 



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