It’s shake and bake and who helped?

October 12, 2010

Felon-free Masonry accepts apologies for the meh 2010 table lodge and concurs:  greater bang, beef, and brotherhood for the buck (all 35 per seat) are found at Steak and Shake. 

And that, coupled with 4 meals under $4.00 and a 2 for 1 happy hour milkshake deal (2-4 p.m. daily), makes for a stupendous (not stupid) evening.

Has the bloom fallen from the rose? 

Greeting the once Lady GaGa of Masonic events was a throng of empty seats but in giving due credit, the soiree was spared a George Michael-styled stunting (he won’t perform for less than sold out venues). 

Comingled high and lowlights include:

  • Beef.  It’s what was for dinner; maybe undercooked, or overcooked, perhaps of questionable cut, and likely worn best by Lady GaGa. 

  • The air conditioning units were operational but not entirely responsible for the atmospheric chill.
  • No need to introduce dignitaries; if you don’t ’em by now, why bother? 
  • Lack of a guest speaker was a wham bam deal; those desirous of being awakened before they go go got their wish and those awaiting wise words from a great orator are still hanging on like a yo-yo.

  • No felons, specifically of the thrice convicted, suspended though expulsion-worthy variety, allowed. 

But new blood and traditions can be good. 

And so the Masonic world awaits the 2011 delectables from the denizen of dubious distinction and dining.


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