The postman doesn’t always ring nice (or be careful what you electioneer for, you just might get it)

September 20, 2010

The following was penned by one who, despite quitting, was electioneered became a 2010 Masonic leader. 

Said self victim fellow recently (to the embarrassment of many) launched a needless, scathing attack upon a visiting Past District Deputy Grand Master dignitary during discourse on (of all things) Masonic education, the Grand Master’s Lodge Officer’s Training Course, and etiquette. 

Until the next resignation (should one be in the works) and excuses for increasingly irrational behaviors surface, enjoy  “AS IMPORTANT AS YOU WANT IT TO BE:”

“…I realized that if I were elected to the East I would have a group of men working    against me not for the Lodge. In the past two months I have had a Past Master put his face inches from mine and tell me to tell another Past Master “to go fuck himself”.

 But after one man’s reign as Master the image was severely tarnished and as time went by, even after he was no longer Master, things got worse and have continued downhill ever since. Many of the younger Brothers in the Lodge have not seen these actions and words. I could list many more but what’s the point. I am and have always been, as my father, a straightforward man–what you see is what you get. I believe in honesty and treating people well and this kind of behavior is not tolerable to me. It certainly doesn’t live up to the obligations we took at our sacred altar.

Other than that–I’m done. I no longer wish to spend what ever time God has for me on this side of the grass in the environment that has gone on for several years and only gotten worse.

I wish only the best for our Lodge and hope in the future it becomes a place for Brotherly Love.”

Proof of electioneering?  It exists.  As does evidence of  speaking ill of a brother.  A few brothers. 

It is Felon-free Masonry’s pleasure to present the poison pen prose of one fancying himself a blue lodge elder statesman, of sorts.  

And that he paused to pen this on his birthday is indeed a glorious icing on the cake.

(Note:  actual email addresses and some names have been altered or omitted)

From:   RetiredPostman @xyz.com

To:  7 Past Masters and a David Crosby/walrus hybrid (or so appearance would indicate)

Date:  Thu, July 16, 2009, at 3:59 PM

Subject:  (Self Victim’s) Decision

Jimmy (felon Foster), if (Self Victim) does not reconsider, I want you to think very hard about starting a campaign to reelect a recent PM next year by the name of Jimmy Foster, and I’m dead serious.  (The Senior Deacon) might be a disaster.  He doesn’t even deserve to be where he is now and to think that he might move straight to the East is a course for complete disaster for the Lodge.  We’ve got a do nothing Master this year.  We can’t afford another like him.  We need someone who can call the shots and let the chips fall where they may.   (Retired Postman)

The great irony of the missive is this:  The aforementioned Senior Deacon is a highly respected law enforcement officer charged with protecting the community.  James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster is a thrice convicted felon from whom the community needs protection yet is championed by the postman. 

And that’s not a stamp Felon-free Masonry wishes to lick.


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