Oh yes, he’s the great inquisitor (or excuses for everything, reasons for nothing)

September 16, 2010

A Worshipful Master recently without provocation erupted like a volcano during a stated communication implored brothers to ask themselves, Why I never come to lodge?”  

Though the query’s structure is questionable, Felon-free Masonry assumes it solicits an accounting for lax attendance.

He then asked them to notify him personally and expound upon the root(s) of their absences.

Felon-free Masonry humbly refers those fearful of retribution unsure of how to properly articulate the palpable tension to these points:

A) The presence (and aftermath) of a felon who fraudulently entered the fraternity, hid his criminal background for years, and denied the record when it surfaced in September, 2009 is extremely off-putting. 


B)  That said felon prepared the Trestle Board while facing Masonic charges is equally disturbing.


C)  Those purposely falling short of their obligation, foregoing the golden rule, and acting inappropriately are saddening.


D)  A chaplain’s appearance in history’s highest grossing adult film, Pirates, is a actually a toss.


E)  A three-time violent felon cum Worshipful Master’s brazen act of vandalism is patently offensive.


F)  That said felon put many at risk via failure to disclose a criminal history to his blue and Grand lodges and the latter’s bonding company is unconscionable.


G)   One inelligible for restoration of civil rights receiving a suspension rather than expulsion is equal parts insult and unfathomable.


H)  One touting the need for revenue while seemingly oblivious to otherwise obvious avenues of fundraising is ridiculous.


I)  A particular posse’s inability to learn the rules of the rodeo is pitiful.


J)  Some are troubled by a Masonic leader’s allegiance to a thrice convicted felon (who for years willfully deceived the unwitting Craft).


K)  Many are flummoxed by those not grasping “be careful what you electioneer for, it might come true” and “if you can’t take the heat, issue numerous resignations, pitch fits, and cyclically quit get out of the kitchen.”


L)  Most find the idea of money management in the hands of those seemingly lacking said skill to be a costly mistake.


M)  Dues should fund more than a weekly opportunity to disparage others.

N)  Irrational tirades thrust upon brothers and visitors are unsettling at best; specifically when inflicted by a “leader” and sanctioned by dimwits.  If two wrongs do not a right make, three equal a ship of fools and such unmasonic conduct is not a boat in which most choose to float.

O)  Men of good character, confidence, and possessing self and mutal respect find association with those mired in self pity, prone to painting themselves as perpetual victims, openly hostile towards different (and not always opposing) viewpoints, and offering excuses for everything and reasons for nothing to be rather disheartening.

But as the man said in closing:  “Come get involved and be surprised.”



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