An embarrassment of riches

August 31, 2010

Though few are unscathed by these tough economic times, Felon-free Masonry humbly suggests:

A)  Entrusting fiduciary and property matters to professionals whose portfolios include neither  foreclosures (commenced or court-filed threat thereof) or paying nearly thrice a property’s worth and deeming the transaction a bargain.  

Such traits are particularly detrimental when possessed by a worshipful master those touting vast real estate knowledge yet displaying gross ineptitude via significant loss of  overall income and holdings with which they are charged to nurture and safeguard. 

Likewise, could one mired in personal dilemma (such as court-centric summonses, motions for extensions and dismissals, and  perhaps being eaten alive by attorneys) fully comprehend and commit the wherewithal necessary to bolster blue lodge business?

That is not what you want; it does not pay bills.

B)  Allow those conceptualizing 19 (as in dollars per square foot) as superseding 12, 11, 10, or 9 (also in dollars per square foot) the opportunity to benefit said committees. 

Heads for numbers-crunching, counting, judiciously accounting for-are what you want.  They produce positive, not poor (or foreclosed) house, results.

A hard and fast rule of thumb:  ’tis easier to put your money where your mouth is when your foot is not in the way. 


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