The DaVinci Dolt; Angles of Demons

July 20, 2010

Only once in a lifetime comes along a seemingly hapless, golden doltish type who unexpectedly becomes the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg; a veritable Mr. Magoo, if you will. 

The kind of goose that cracks the fragile, eggshell facade of an erstwhile secret society and foresees a felon’s fraudulent foray into Freemasonry.

The kind of goose that when combined with dolt, could be Doose or Golt but in this instance will be referred to as Dolt Magoose.

Good fortune smiles upon the Craft as such a man’s peculiarly penned prose provides (pseudo)provoking insight of a felon cum cowan’s propaganda.

Perusing Dolt Magoose’s musings, which hint at underlying tensions within the blue lodge unwittingly infiltrated by thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster, one could assume he was keenly aware of  Foster’s wiles long before anyone else.

Dolt Magoose opined in caplock on January 1, 2008:


An inquiring mind then asked,

“Brother (Dolt Magoose), your accusation of a Past Master being intiated, passed, and then rainsed to be Master Mason even though an investigating committee did not recommend him to be worthy put ALL Past Master of Hillsborough Lodge under suspicion.  Unless you, or any brother, has hard evidence of such an egregious act being committed, this statement is just idle gossip.  Gossip has no place in a Masonic Lodge, we as Masons are above such a common act, are we not?”

In turn, a chipper fellow spake:

“I fail to understand why every year must begin in this manner…Those feeding the fire are just as guilty as those participating.  And as with most family disputes there is more than enough guilt to go around.  Under Masonic Law any Brother observing this sort of conduct is responsible for preferring charges.”

All were in response to Foster’s verbal vomit. 

(Foster’s lengthy violent criminal record-including a 25 year prison sentence and 15 year probationary term-was unknown to his blue lodge until September, 2009 as he lacked the decency, courtesy, and respect to disclose it when petitioning for membership and the conscience to reveal it during his decade of deceit.)

Spewed forth from the felon:

“We even had a Past Master that was found unfavorable that still received his EA Degree.  Those days are OVER!” 

That it wasn’t over on January 1, 2008 is recounted in (one of) Dolt Magoose’s (many) rambling (and semi-coherent) resignation(s). 

He on July 15, 2009 reminded all that it was “AS IMPORTANT AS YOU WANT IT TO BE:”

“…I realized that if I were elected to the East I would have a group of men working against me not for the Lodge. In the past two months I have had a Past Master put his face inches from mine and tell me to tell another Past Master “to go fuck himself”.

 But after one man’s reign as Master the image was severely tarnished and as time went by, even after he was no longer Master, things got worse and have continued downhill ever since. Many of the younger Brothers in the Lodge have not seen these actions and words. I could list many more but what’s the point. I am and have always been, as my father, a straightforward man–what you see is what you get. I believe in honesty and treating people well and this kind of behavior is not tolerable to me. It certainly doesn’t live up to the obligations we took at our sacred altar.

Other than that–I’m done. I no longer wish to spend what ever time God has for me on this side of the grass in the environment that has gone on for several years and only gotten worse.

I wish only the best for our Lodge and hope in the future it becomes a place for Brotherly Love.”

Duck, Duck, DOLT MAGOOSE.  

One can only assume he. knew. it. was. Foster. all. along.   

But so did another who in late 2008 credited the felon and cohorts:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and your Officers for Working so hard this last year ! 

FIRST OF ALL,  a big THANKS for taking such good care of the Lodge Endowment.  The first week of January 2008 (you were advised)  to SELL ALL THE EQUITIES in the portfolio… at that time the Endowment had in excess of $ high amountDisplaying your extraordinary wisdom you found advisors who helped you mitigate the portfolio of more than 20% of it’s assets ($ much lower amount and dropping since last report of 01/08/09)  … this is certainly a record !!

Credit must also be given to your officers as well :

(Dolt Magoose) :  It is largely through your sage advice and influence that the direction of the Lodge Endowment and the Renting of the Properties turned out as it has… without your influence things may well have gone along as before.

There are other incredible achievements we could discuss but that really is enough for now…


And therein lies the mystery:  if a glass is half full or half empty in a blue lodge; does it mean anything if no one drinks the Kool-Aid?

(One could also wonder why a Past Master implored Magoose to “go f___ himself” and assume Dolt’s recountal to be highly edited somewhat selective but that’s a whole other story for another bedtime.)


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