Purpose and needful things served

July 11, 2010

Felon-free Masonry was born from need. 

Many needs.

The need to expose felonious cowan James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster to the Craft he deceived.

The need to detail his criminal history and pattern of selfish, unrepentant behavior.

The need to prove why this thrice convicted felon should never have been in Masonry or considered a good man made better.

The need to make the truth known. 

Felon-free Masonry mocks neither the fraternity, the Grand Lodge of Florida, or Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 as all suffered from the felon’s fraud. 

As previously noted:

This site is neither supported or endorsed by the Grand Lodge of Florida or any lodge and appendant body under its jurisdiction and governance.  All criminal history information is public record purchased from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and provided by the Florida Department of Corrections and Hillsborough County Clerk’s Office.  

The polls and comment sections provide an avenue for anonymous expression of opinions.  Viewings and IP addresses are not recorded by or supplied to the Grand Lodge of Florida.   All links are non-secured sites publicly displayed on the world-wide web and internet networks. 

The information displayed is not an indictment of the particular Blue Lodge infiltrated by  convicted, violent felon James Anderson Foster.   Many within the Craft embody the tenets upon which the fraternity was founded and are of decent, respectful character. 

Shame falls soley on the felon.

Though allegations of questionable conduct arose,  Felon-free Masonry is not an indictment of Masonic leadership. 

All Master Masons in good standing are entitled to umbrage at and an apology from the cowan though pleas for forgiveness will likely ring pseudo-piteous when-if ever-delivered. 

And if Felon-free Masonry pisses you off:  oh well

Per the (ever-dwindling) felon-backing faction blaming brothers and others for the felon’s suspension:  kindly get a grip note that Foster alone is responsible for his actions and subsequent punishment (which should be an expulsion but oh well). 


There was and remains no need for any in the Masonic body to know of Foster beyond tree trimming services.

And there was no need for him in 2007 to say in reference to a brother charged with a felony, “He’s a nice guy but if he’s a felon, he’s gotta go.” 

Absurd.  Hubris, indeed.

Face it fellas, you backed the wrong horse.

Lie down with dirty dogs, get felonious fleas.

But there’s no need to perpetually bear the mark of this beast. 

Should the pissing contest mindset be cast aside and your felon friend’s harms fully epiphanized, ponder:  is it better to be pissed off or pissed on; as the unwitting Craft was during the felon’s years of deceit? 

And as explained in earlier entries:  rumors of legal and civil action against this blog have been greatly exaggerated if not outright fabricated. 

Yep, lies.  

Who needs lies?

Good luck to any basing a case upon  “someone made public my friend’s felony convictions which are public record as supplied by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Department of Corrections, and Hillsborough County Clerk’s office and I don’t like it.” 

If Felon-free Masonry’s fulfillment of purpose doesn’t meet or mesh with popular need or opinion, don’t hide a lengthy criminal history, use/abuse/accuse the Craft for years, and let unjust arrogance plot your course oh well.

Readers returning and new, please refer to the first post at the bottom of this page to see where and how it all began. 


Felon-free Masonry sleeps very well at night and appreciates your visits, views, and opinions (good, bad, and ugly). 


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