Brothers, non-Masons, the curious; lend me your ears.

July 2, 2010

The purpose of Felon-free Masonry is not to disparage the Fraternity but to expose the felon interloper. 


The evil that men do lives after them and is oft etched on a city sidewalk.  So let it be with this cowan. 


The thrice convicted felon told you that others were ambitious and if it were so, it was a grievious fault and grieviously hath they answered it. 


Here, in exposing felons, for felons wish they were honorable men, come I to speak as Felon-free Masonry. 


The felon was never a friend, faithful or just to anyone.  And the felon was ambitious but not an honorable man.


He held many captive within his lodge and drained the general coffers dry. 


Did this in the cowan seem ambitious? 

When that the brothers worked to oust him, the felon pseudo-wept (crocodiles tears, of course).


Ambition should be made of sterner stuff  yet the felon was ambitious and not an honorable man.

You all did see that in 2008 he was presented as Worshipful Master; a post which he didn’t refuse but slyly held for two years.


Yes, he was ambitious and not an honorable man.

I speak not to approve but to speak of what I do know.


Did you all love him once and if so, was it without cause?

What cause withholds you then to be angry and demand knowledge of this cowan’s fraudulent entry into the fraternity?






Oh judgement, thou are fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason (and minds when it comes to defending said felon).

Bear with me; my heart is not with a felon but with the Craft he used, abused, and accused. 

And I must not pause until all know the truth.


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