Hi honey, I’m home.

June 16, 2010

The mind behind felon-free Masonry apologizes for a lack of new entries this past week ; during which it became Mac-acquainted while the regular pc underwent service. 

Apple adaptation was interesting if not slightly dyslexic, to wit:  Safari is what Jim did while Marlin waited in the boat, not an internet connection.  Lack of right clicker not withstanding, many a right click occurred. 

The Mac has since returned to the rightful devotee owner and the HP is safely ensconced in its ever so humble abode.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. 

Rumors of this site’s demise-and allegations of civil action against it-have been greatly exaggerated if not completely fabricated. 

Though many appreciate a felon-free approach to Masonry, some seemingly resent the uncloaking of misdeeds and malfeasance.  The latter’s misguided loyalty harkens points of ponderance:

A) Should the truth hurt, examine why and learn from mistakes. 

Just as Smokey the Bear says only we can prevent forest fires, Felon-free Masonry reminds all that only hypervigilance and due diligence can prevent a felon’s fraudulent entry into the fraternity.

B) Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. 

Felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster’s decade of deceit is an affront to every Master Mason in good standing across the globe.  

Consider:  He intentionally withheld a lengthy, violent criminal history when petitoning Hillsborough Lodge No. 25, lived the lie for over a decade, and denied the record when it surfaced in September, 2009.  He in 2007 audaciously said that a brother charged with felonies was a “nice guy” who’d “have to go” upon conviction because after all, felons aren’t allowed in the Order.

And Foster has not apologized to the fraternity. 

Oddly and much like the Manson family fringe, a (dwindling) handful of Foster followers remain. 

This collective’s lack of compassion for those hurt by the felon is logically referred to as an illogical derisiveness oft described as a “pissing contest.”

Despite light shown upon the felon’s fraud and his spell broken, some will remain in darkness until selfish mindsets, agendas, and indoctrinations are set aside.

C) Freedom of speech protects the words one doesn’t like just as it safeguards those held dear. 

Felon-free Masonry has delivered facts as just that, facts

All criminal histories, public records, and information sources are proven, documented, and credited.  Should this be unacceptable, kindly refer to A and B


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