Memorial Day: beyond the Grand Communication and a 3 day weekend

May 27, 2010

Rep. Scott Gunderson, R-Waterford:


“Memorial Day should not be viewed as another day off from work or just a long weekend, because it truly is so much more. Memorial Day is the only day that is exclusively devoted to honoring Americans who have given their lives serving our country. It is a time to remember those first patriots who fought for our nation’s independence, our friends, neighbors and relatives who may have given their life in Europe or the Pacific during World War II, the soldiers who have lost their lives fighting the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, and most recently the brave men and women fighting to liberate the citizens of Iraq.”

Representative Gunderson continues:

“The tragic events of September 11, 2001, have changed all of our lives, forever. Following the horrific events and terrible loss of life in New York City, rural Pennsylvania and our Nation’s Capitol, we have witnessed the strength and courage that defines what it is to be an American.”

Gunderson’s words lend sharp perspective to my recent Ground Zero pilgrimage.  

The enormity of such loss within that small city block gave heed to the ripple effect:  a friend, Max, died aboard United flight 175, which struck the second World Trade Center tower.  Another friend, Ben, died overseas in active duty service.  Family members who passed before my birth I’ve come to know through service legacies.  Dear and long lost friends serve alongside strangers I will never meet. 

Multiply that by the millions of men and women who every day answer the selfless call to protect, serve, and defend.   

And so the ripples reach across the globe. 

Whether reconnecting with brethren during the 181st Grand Communication or hosting a backyard barbecue with friends, remember those who’ve fought for and continue to defend our freedom. 

Moreover, live each day with and in respect of what Memorial Day, July 4th, and September 11th truly represent; God bless the U.S. A.




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