Grand ironies, confusion, and felons; oh my! Caution: long walks on short piers are closer than they appear.

May 24, 2010

As a rather average man and Mason once said, “You can’t tell the players from the coaches without a program, buddy.” 

Below is a list of  highlights in the low life of felons in Florida Masonry. 

I:  The Root of all evil Felon-free Masonry

Thrice convicted felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster withheld his violent criminal history from the Craft, only to become Worshipful Master in 2008 and deny the record when it resurfaced in September, 2009. 

Click to view his extensive rap sheet:


II:  A Pattern of Lessons not Learned and Conduct Unmasonic

Veiled in vandalism, illustrated by an idiot.


III:  Twisted Tales and Weaselly Whines

In which the antihero claims Florida’s Grand Master met with him privately, pre-Masonic trial, and allowed him to assign himself a (pseudo) punishment that slaps the faces of all Master Masons in good standing across the globe.


IV:  Suspended (sur)Reality

Suspended brothers may not engage in Masonic communication, including reception and viewing of the Trestle Board, but felon Foster has allegedly been given the Grand Lodge greenlight to continue preparation of Hillsborough Lodge’s monthly missive while he labours under suspension. 

Contradictory?  Much.


V:  Grand Irony.  The Grand Lodge of Florida which on 5/1/10 allegedly allowed a convicted, violent felon who fraudulently entered the fraternity to remain a member is lauded by Kentucky’s Grand Master for instituting stringent background screenings to prevent felons from entering Masonry.

Reading is believing.  Or not.  Incredulity abounds.


Whats and whys:



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