Truth, justice, and the Masonic way

May 20, 2010

Deputy Grand Master R:. W:.  J. Dick Martinez wrote recently of Master Mason’s inference that brotherhood was more attainable in a bar than within his Lodge.  

Though some may scoff at the analogy (as did Martinez), an astute reader remarked, “Well, it’s true; there are felons in bars just as there’s one in Hillsborough Lodge.” 

Sad but true. 

James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster, Hillsborough Lodge’s 2008 Worshipful Master, was in September 2009 discovered to be a convicted felon who for years withheld his criminal history from the Craft. 

Truer and sadder is that men whose law enforcement, public service, and military professions discourage association with convicted felons unwittingly fraternized with one in Masonic and social settings.  Some even attended a political fundraiser hosted by Foster (who did not disclose his felonious history to the candidate).

Yes, that kind of “brotherhood” exists in most bars and is the truest essence of wrong, cheat, and defraud.

But what about true Masonic brotherhood, does it live within your lodge?

Moreover, does it live in you?  

Do your dues fund an opportunity to disparage others on meeting nights or are they a small price to pay in becoming an all-around better man at all times?  

Are you ego-controlled or in control of your ego? 

Have you invited absent brothers to an evening of Masonic fellowship or do you sometimes wish certain others wouldn’t show up and spoil your fun?

Do you soar like an eagle or occasionally dine on crow?


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