A brief overview of felon Foster’s decade of deceit

May 11, 2010

At issue is not as much the felon’s past as it is his established, ongoing pattern of poor behavior, choices, and complete disregard for Masonic rules and regulations.

Felon James Anderson “Jimmy” Foster failed to disclose his criminal history despite being advised that “felons need not apply.”

At no time during a decade of deceitful membership did he disclose a lengthy and violent felonious record (including but not limited to three convictions, a 25 year prison sentence, fifteen year probationary term, and time served in prison facilities). Every minute of every day wrought opportunity to purge and come clean but alas, he failed to do so.

This selfish behavior typifies what parole boards and probation officers often term “lack of remorse” and “failure to accept responsibility.” How can one say he is judged on sins of the past when he purposely lived a sin of omission every day for over ten years?

He even denied the criminal history when it resurfaced in September, 2009. 

Hence, ongoing pattern of poor behaviors, choices, and ill regard for rules and regulations.

When a member of his Blue Lodge in 2007 was charged with a felony, Foster called the Brother a nice guy and said the man would have to leave upon conviction as the Digest of Masonic Law of the state of Florida prohibited felons as members.

Should felon Foster not be held to the same standard?

Foster alleges that he determined his punishment and its terms, claiming that the Grand Master of Florida allowed him to assign himself a five year suspension in which at least two years must be served (pending restoration of civil rights which would then allow early re-entry without repetitioning/reballoting). 

He spoke freely of this prior to his May 1, 2010 (pseudo) Masonic trial.

The Masonic Digest of the State of Florida allows few concessions per felons in Freemasonry:  convicted felons must provide proof of completion of sentence/punishment and restoration of civil rights upon submittal of a  membership petition. Only when the Craft has been made aware of the criminal history can the felon be presented for ballot.

The Craft, now fully aware of this felon cum cowan’s encroachment into the Order, should be granted an opportunity to revisit a ballot upon him. 

However, such ability was seemingly taken away if indeed the Grand Master and Penal Affairs Committee allowed the felon to beg off a fitting expulsion or indefinite suspension (pending restoration of civil rights, which he does not have) and devise his own punishment. 

What is the purpose of Masonic Law if it is not to be followed? 

That this is a good man made better by Masonry is unproven, to wit:  his willful, wanton failure to disclose a felonious background and perpetuating the lie for years epitomize wrong, cheat, and defraudFelon Foster’s (pseudo) Masonic journey appears to have been one of manipulation rather than enlightenment.

As noted in no. 8 of the below link, it is a Master Mason’s obligation to neither wrong, cheat, or defraud or allow others to do so. 


That ideal is further supported in the Fellow Craft degree (cum felon craft, as it may be):



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