Grand Irony: The Grand Lodge of Florida which on 5/1/10 allowed a convicted, violent felon who fraudulently entered the fraternity to remain a member is lauded by Kentucky’s Grand Master for instituting stringent background screenings to prevent felons from entering Masonry

May 9, 2010

Per current Kentucky Grand Master L. Todd Eastham on page 2 of this January, 2010 link: 


We are currently taking a hard look at a mandatory background check on any potential candidate that may petition our Lodges.  This idea was garnered from the Grand Lodge of Florida, who has had great success with it. The Grand Master of Florida told me personally that this program has identified several sex offenders, felons, and others who through lies attempted to gain admission into our Order. Sometimes local law enforcement does not have the resources needed to assist or legally give out personal information about a candidate, especially if they have moved in from another state. Again, Masonry is not a right, it is a privilege. 
Contradictory?  Much.
Shameful?  Extremely.
The following poll is multiple choice, please select all that you deem appropriate.

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