Blue lodge deceived by violent felon Foster is credited for membership criteria of “convicted felons need not apply.”

May 9, 2010

The Craft of Hillsborough Lodge No. 25 in Tampa, Florida did not knowingly accept or admit a felon into the fold.  Convict James Anderson Foster purposely withheld his criminal history and perpetuated the deceit for over a decade until the discovery of his criminal history in September, 2009. 

Told when petitioning that convicted felons need not apply, he feigned a clean background.  The secretary who received his petition recalls no mention of criminal history and Foster was processed through a one-day class. 

The below link credits Hillsborough Lodge No. 25, where felon Foster served as Worshipful Master in 2008, with providing the criteria for becoming a Florida Master Mason.


The necessary qualifications for membership in a Masonic Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Florida are few, but important.

  • You must be:    A man. (The Order of the Eastern Star welcomes ladies.)
        At least 21 years of age.
        Of good moral character. (i.e. – convicted felons need not apply.)
        Of sound mind and body. (However, many Masons are physically challenged.)
        Be recommended by two members of the Lodge to which you are applying.
    Most importantly; a Freemason must have a personal faith and belief in God.

(Many thanks to Tampa’s Hillsborough Lodge #25 from whose site this page was adapted.)

The shame lies not in the deceived Craft but within the felon.


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