Felon-free Masonry

May 6, 2010

This site is neither supported or endorsed by the Grand Lodge of Florida or any lodge and appendant body under its jurisdiction and governance.  All criminal history information is public record purchased from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and provided by the Florida Department of Corrections and Hillsborough County Clerk’s Office.  

The polls and comment sections provide an avenue for anonymous expression of opinions.  Viewings and IP addresses are not recorded by or supplied to the Grand Lodge of Florida.   All links are non-secured sites publicly displayed on the world-wide web and internet networks. 

The information displayed is not an indictment of the particular Blue Lodge infiltrated by  convicted, violent felon James Anderson Foster.   Many within the Craft embody the tenets upon which the fraternity was founded and are of decent, respectful character.   The shame lies not in the Craft but within the felon. 



  1. What does “other” in this instance entail: exposure as a fraud? A public flogging? Standing mute in a forum of those wronged, cheated, and defrauded and fully absorbing the impact of his malevolence?

    Would any of that really matter to the felon?

    Does he who willfully and for over a decade lived a lie have the capacity to respect and honor the feelings of others?

    • we should not judge people for their past. depending on the circumstances of the crime should determine their fate in masonry. Should a sex offender be allowed? No…But under the circumstances they should receive masonic disciplinary action. If the Brother has progressed in masonry and proved worthy then i believe there should be exceptions on a case by case basis.

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